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Angiomyolipoma tuberous sclerosis, 3 components: thick walled vessels, sm mm, fat. Hmb45+, desmin + atypical lipomatous tumor just like a wd liposarc but superficially located well differentiated liposarcoma lipocytic atypia, hyperchrom nuclei, lipoblasts (not necessary for dx), widened septa; found in muscular, groin, and retroperitoneum dedifferentiated liposarcoma must see in 10x field, s100+ fat and lipoblasts, cd34+ spindle cell components, desmin in sm mm, chrom 12 plexiform neurofibroma 100% associated with neurofibromatosis, bag of worms, more likely to become malig diffuse neurofibromatosis wagner-meissner bodies (s100+, swirly, blobby stuff), ill-defined, subcutis, not become malig neurofibromatosis type 1 genetics aka vonrecklinghaus disease ad ch17 (tumor suppressor gene) 3-5% get mpnst loss of neurofibromin gene-> suppress ras->tumors clinical things you get in nf1 cafe au lait macules plexiform neurofibromas optic gliomas lisch nodules (iris hamartomas) osseous lesions malignant peripheral nerve sheath tumor sporadic or nf1 patients geographic necrosis s100+ gfap+ malignant triton tumor mpnst with features of rhabdomyoblasts (desmin+) schwannoma s100+, encapsulated eccentric to n. viagra cheap online canada buy viagra online cheap viagra online cheap generic viagra buy cheap viagra cheap generic viagra viagra online buy cheap viagra buy generic viagra generic viagra online (perineurium surrounds and is ema+) antoni a and b antoni a verocay bodies, cellular part of schwannoma antoni b hypocellular part of schwannoma, perivascular hyalinization (cd34+) cellular schwannoma fasicular pattern; s100+, gfap+ neurofibromatosis 2 b/l acoustic schwannomas, nf2 mutation in germ line ch22 absence of merlin get meningiomas, gliomas, etc degenerative changes in a neurofibroma mimic thrombosed vessel nodular fasciitis (board favorite! ) clinical info "pseudosarcoma" rapid growth hx of traum 15-40yrs in extremities nodular fasciitis histology myxoid degen, fascia seen at one edge tissue cx like myofibroblasts extravasated rbcs older lesions can have keloid like collagen no necrosis, only rxtive atypia non-atyp mites proliferative fasciitis solitary; adult 40-70yrs, extremities ganglion-like myofibroblasts (pink, prom cytop) actin + desmin - eccentric nuc w/prom basophilic nuc fibrous histiocytoma/dermatofibroma cli. Call us:
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